Wednesday, September 09, 2020

New Comics Day is HERE!!! Employee Picks for September 09, 2020!

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Another new week of comics, means another round of Dr. No's Staff Picks! Here are this weeks picks from those "In the No's"...

Amazing Spider-Man 
Dark Nights:
Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1

Aggretsuko #6
(Oni Press)

Rise of Ultraman #1

Something is Killing
the Children #10

Wonder Woman #762

Come in and check out our favorite books this week, and let us know what you're enjoying!

"Read More" to see everything coming out this week.

New from DC Comics this week...

  • Action Comics #1024 Cvr A John Romita Jr
  • Action Comics #1024 Cvr B Lucio Parrillo Var
  • Amethyst #5 (Of 6)
  • Batgirl #48 Ian Mcdonald Var Ed Joker War
  • Batgirl #48 Joker War
  • Batman Beyond #46 Cvr A Dan Mora
  • Batman Beyond #46 Cvr B Francis Manapul Var
  • Batman Superman #11
  • Batman Superman #11 Card Stock Jae Lee Var Ed
  • Batman Three Jokers #1
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 (Of 3) Inc 1:25 Playing Card Bundle Of 25 (Free)
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 (Of 3) Premium Var A Red Hood
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 (Of 3) Premium Var B Joker Fish
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 (Of 3) Premium Var C Bomb
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 1 100 Var Ed
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 1 25 Var Ed
  • Batman Three Jokers #1 Jason Fabok Var Ed
  • Books Of Magic #22
  • Dark Nights Death Metal #2 (Of 6) 2nd Ptg Greg Capullo Recolored Var
  • Dark Nights Death Metal #3 (Of 6) 2nd Ptg Greg Capullo Recolored Var
  • Dark Nights Death Metal Legends Of The Dark Knights #1 (One Shot) 2nd Ptg Tony S Daniel Recolored Var
  • Detective Comics #1026 Cvr A Kenneth Rocafort (Joker War)
  • Detective Comics #1026 Cvr B - Card Stock Lee Bermejo Var Ed
  • Flash #760 Cvr A Howard Porter
  • Flash #760 Cvr B Inhyuk Lee Var
  • Gen Lock TP
  • John Constantine Hellblazer #9
  • Justice League Dark #25 Cvr A Yanick Paquette
  • Justice League Dark #25 Cvr B Lee Bermejo Var
  • Justice League Dark TP Vol 01 The Last Age Of Magic
  • Justice League Odyssey Vol 03 The Final Frontier TP
  • Justice League Unlimited Galactic Justice TP
  • Last God #8
  • Legion Of Super Heroes #8
  • Legion Of Super Heroes #8 Dustin Nguyen Var Ed
  • Plunge #6 (Of 6) Cvr A Jeremy Wilson
  • Plunge #6 (Of 6) Cvr B Gary Frank Var
  • Promo - Hellblazer Rise And Fall 12x36 Folded Poster
  • Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage #4
  • Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage #4 A Sorrentino Var Ed
  • Red Hood Outlaw #48 Cvr A Dan Mora (Joker War)
  • Red Hood Outlaw #48 Cvr B Philip Tan Var (Joker War)
  • Spectre The Wrath Of The Spectre Omnibus HC
  • Suicide Squad #8 Cvr A Daniel Sampere
  • Suicide Squad #8 Cvr B Jeremy Roberts Var
  • Superman The Man Of Steel Vol 01 HC
  • Teen Titans Annual #2
  • Teen Titans Annual #2
  • Wonder Woman #761 Cvr A David Marquez
  • Wonder Woman #761 Cvr B Joshua Middleton Card Stock Var

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