Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Comic Book Day - May 1st!

Hope everyone is making plans to come by Dr. No's for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 1st! We'll have dozens of titles to choose from, Fincluding all-ages-friendly comics, DC's special War of the Supermen #0, Dark Horse's introduction of their new Solar and Magnus titles written by Jim Shooter, an Iron Man/Thor special from Marvel, and much more. There's stuff for newcomers, for long-time fans, for collectors... there really is something for everyone!

Second, we have a great pair of guests joining us for a little while that day. Mark Bagley, artist of Justice League of America and the man who holds the world record for drawing more issues of Spider-Man than any other illustrator, will be on hand. So will Brian Reed, writer of the best-selling Siege: Embedded, recently-completed Ms. Marvel series, the upcoming Spider-Man: American Son, and much more. That's two great creators--and you can say hello, ask 'em questions about their work, and get their autographs between noon at 2 pm on Saturday!

Third, our backstock sale will still be going on. We're running "by one get one at half-price" sale on all our floor-boxed backstock issues, so this is a great time to fill in holes in your collection!

Fourth, we'll have all of our manga titles on sale "buy two get one free" for this day only!

Fifth, we'll have some other surprise sales, so come on by and check out the bargains.

And finally, for those of you who are gaming fans, we're having a sneak peek event for the latest YuGiOh series that day. $20 gets you five packs of the new release, Shining Darkness, along with a special promo card--and that means you'll be able to get five packs of this hot new release more than a week before the rest of the world has a chance to buy it! The sneak peek event starts at 3pm, so don't miss it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking Forward to April 28th's Comics!

This week brings Green Lantern Corps #47, the first Brightest Day issue of that title. And keeping with the green theme, we also get Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #3, which features a shocking death in its final pages (and no, we're not telling you who!).

Remember Peter S. Beagle's best-selling fantasy novel The Last Unicorn? Well , it makes the jump to comics this week courtesy of IDW!

Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 brings that series to an end, just in time for this Saturday's War of the Supermen #0 Free Comic Book Day Special.

(And now that we've mentioned Free Comic Book Day, don't forget that both Mark Bagley and Brian Reed will be at Dr. No's on Saturday, May 1st from noon until 2pm for Free Comic Book Day!)

Lots of great stuff, and it'll all be available for sale as soon as the doors open at 11am on Wednesday, April 28th!

Mark Bagley & Brian Reed at Dr. No's for FCBD!

As if free comics weren't reason enough to come to Dr. No's on Saturday, May 1st, for Free Comic Book Day, then here's an even better reason: acclaimed artist Mark Bagley and hot writer Brian Reed will be signing at our store from noon until 2pm on Saturday, May 1st, in conjunction with the FCBD festivities.

Bagley, who holds the record for having illustrated more Spider-Man comics than any other artist, is also the only comic book artist to have illustrated a year-long weekly series (Trinity, DC's weekly that featured Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and scores of other DC heroes). He is currently illustrating DC's Justice League of America, one of the publisher's best-selling titles.

Reed, writer of the best-selling videogames including Ultimate Spider-Man, began writing comics several years ago. He has written for Marvel, DC, and Image, and his books include the best-selling Siege: Embedded, Siege: Spider-Man, and the upcoming Spider-Man: American Son.

Come by for a chance to talk to these talented comics creators and get your books signed!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Magic the Gathering: Rise of the Eldrazi Release Tournament

This Saturday at Dr. No's Comics and Games. Sign-up is at Noon and cards will be handed out at 1:00pm for deck building.
The Lord of Shatterskull Pass cards will go to the first 20 people who sign up for the event.
Pre-registration is available for those who wish to reserve a spot and promo card.

Green Lantern, Justice League, Guild, and more!

Green Lantern alert: not only do we get the first Brightest Day issue of Green Lantern (#53), but we also get the bonus-features-laden Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth Slipcased Hardcover! (A word to the wise: DC doesn't keep Absolute editions in print forever, so grab this one while you can.) And speaking of Brightest Day, James Robinson & Mark Bagley's Justice League of America #44, another Brightest Day title, is also arriving this week.

Fans of Felicia Day's Guild webisodes will love The Guild #2, also arriving this week.

Siege fans will want to pick up Brian Reed's superb Siege: Spider-Man oneshot.

(And now that we've mentioned both Mark Bagley and Brian Reed, don't forget that both creators will be at Dr. No's on Saturday, May 1st from noon until 2pm for Free Comic Book Day!)

Lots of great stuff, and it'll all be available for sale as soon as the doors open at 11am on Wednesday, April 21st!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Flash #1, Brightest Day #0, Siege Tie-ins, and more!

It's a doubly big Wednesday for DC fans (and who isn't these days?!), with both Brightest Day #0 and Flash #1 scheduled for release. And don't forget that Flash #1 comes with a special Flash Ring promo on the week of release! Meanwhile, Marvel launches its second ongoing Iron Man series with Iron Man: Legacy #1, and they continue the Siege saga with the release of a trio of Siege oneshots: Siege: Captain America, Loki, and Young Avengers.

Other great titles slated for release this week include Doc Savage #1, Green Hornet Year One #2, and Kill Shakespeare #1. Looks like a great week for comics readers, so come on by! We'll have all books available for sale as soon as the doors open on Wednesday morning!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Magic: The Gathering Rise of the Eldrazi Prerelease

Just letting everyone know that the MTG: Rise of the Eldrazi prerelease tournament is next Saturday, April 17th.

We will be handing out packs at 1:00pm for players to start building their decks. Come on in and sign up today to reserve your spot and ensure that you qualify for the prerelease card (shown above). Space and cards are limited!

Monday, April 05, 2010

New Arrivals for April 7th!

Flash fans won't want to miss out on Flash Secret Files and Origins 2010 #1. This isn't a dry reference book--instead, it's basically Flash #0, featuring new material that leads directly into Flash #1 in a couple of weeks. Marvel gives readers the long-awaited Deadpool and Cable #25 (it's been a long time since you've seen that title on a shipping list, right?). And Dark Horse continues their biggest storyline of the year in Buffy the Vampire Slayer #34. Those Marvel Zombies are at it again in the first issue of their fifth series; Grant Morrison continues the prelude to "The Return of Bruce Wayne" in Batman & Robin #11; Marvel explores the Illuminati-esque history of their pre-eminent espionage organization in SHIELD #1; Superman continues his struggle for the fate of his reconstructed homeworld in Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2; the revamped origin of the Man of Steel unfolds in Superman: Secret Origin #5; and Spidey and Doctor Strange join forces in Spider-Man: Fever #1. Yep, it's a big week, with something for everyone!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Look What's New for the Last Day in March!

It's a big week this week,with the long-awaited finale to Geoff Johns' Blackest Night leading the pack: And Marvel launches a major X-event with X-Men: Second Coming, which features interior art by the incomparable David Finch.

New books will be available as soon as we open the doors on Wednesday morning, March 31st, so come on in--we'll see you soon!