Monday, June 09, 2014

Infinite Possibilites for June 11th

This week's top picks:

Infinity Man & the Forever People #1 - DC updates the classic Kirby concept for the New 52, courtesy of Dan DiDio, Keith Giffen, & Scott Koblish
Blood Queen #1 - The story of Elizabeth Bathory, the blood countess, is the inspiration for this original fantasy series.
Amazing Spider-Man #1.2: Learning to Crawl part 2 - Dan Slott continues to explore the first sixty days of Peter Parker's costumed life in this series that closely ties into upcoming events in Amazing Spider-Man.
Armor Hunters #1 - Valiant's big crossover event kicks off in earnest as the aliens come to Earth to recover the X-O Manowar armor... no matter what it takes!
Original Sins #1 - Every hero has a secret sin in his past, and you're going to learn about some of them in this Original Sin tie-in series.

And of course, we're getting oodles more new releases this Wednesday! The new stuff will be available as soon as we open the doors at 11am, so come on by!