Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful Wednesdays!

Several of you have asked us how the holidays are going to impact Wednesday new comic book day, and the answer is--not at all! We'll get in books on Wednesday, December 23rd, just like always. Then a week later, on December 30th, we'll have two must-read books (Blackest Night #6 and Origins of Siege) along with a few other surprises. Then, on Wednesday January 6th, the first books of 2010 arrive right on schedule. Diamond Distributors and FedEx are working overtime to make sure we have those books ready for you every Wednesday, so don't change you plans for the holidays!

Make Those Holiday Plans Now!

Is your Christmas afternoon a little empty? After getting up at 4:53 in the morning to open gifts and see what Santa brought, are you ready for something to do? Well, Dr. No's can be your place for holiday fun--not only are we open from 1pm until 6pm on Christmas day, but we're having our Christmas Day sale all day long! All sorts of things are on sale--but it's only one day, so be sure to come by!

Meanwhile, we're looking ahead to New Year's week. While it's a "skip week," there are still two must-have books slated for release on Wednesday, December 30th: Blackest Night #6 and Origins of Siege. That's right--you can find out what happens next in the biggest crossover story of the year, and you can catch up on the background info leading into Marvel's big 2010 crossover story. So come on by on Wednesday, December 30th to pick up these must-read books... and while you're there, betcha we can help you find a few other goodies you've overlooked!

A Ho-Ho-Whole Lot of Great Reading!

This week and next week promise to be two of the best weeks of the year for comics readers--lots of great books, some wonderful collections, and a heaping helping of Blackest Night tie-ins to make your holidays bright... or dark, as the case may be!

Highlights for this week include the refocused X-Factor #200, J. Michael Straczynski's superb Brave & Bold #30, James Robinson & Mark Bagley's compelling Justice League of America #40, and the positively stunning Rocketer Volume 1: Complete Collection Deluxe Edition HC, complete with over a hundred pages of sketches, unpublished art, and more.