Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Comics Day is HERE!!! Employee Picks for September 23, 2020!

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Another new week of comics, means another round of Dr. No's Staff Picks! Here are this weeks picks from those "In the No's"...


Fantastic Four: Antithesis #2

Maestro #2


Autumnal #1



Dark Nights

Death Metal Speed Metal #1


An Unkindness
of Ravens #1

Teen Titans #45

Come in and check out our favorite books this week, and let us know what you're enjoying!

"Read More" to see everything coming out this week.

New from DC Comics this week...
  • Batman #99 Inc 1:25 Jorge Jimenez Nightwing Card Stock Var (Joker War)
  • Batman #99 Cvr A Jorge Jimenez (Joker War)
  • Batman #99 Cvr B Derrick Chew Card Stock Var (Joker War)
  • Batman Curse Of The White Knight HC
  • Batman's Grave #10 (Of 12) Cvr A Bryan Hitch
  • Batman's Grave #10 (Of 12) Cvr B Arthur Adams Card Stock Var
  • Catwoman #25 Cvr A Joelle Jones (Joker War)
  • Catwoman #25 Cvr B Lee Bermejo Card Stock Var (Joker War)
  • DCeased Dead Planet #1 (Of 6) 4th Ptg Peach Momoko Var
  • DCeased Dead Planet #2 (Of 6) 2nd Ptg David Finch B&W Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr A Andy Kubert Wraparound
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr B Lee Bermejo Batman Nightwing Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr C J Scott Campbell Batman Batgirl Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr D Stanley Artgerm Lau Batman Batwoman Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr E Frank Quitely Batman Robin Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr F Jim Lee Batman Superman Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr G Jim Cheung Batman Bane Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr H Olivier Coipel Batman Harley Quinn Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr I Gabriele Dell Otto Batman Scarecrow Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr J Adam Hughes Batman Catwoman Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr K Marc Silvestri Batman Joker Var
  • Detective Comics #1027 Cvr L Blank Var
  • Justice League #53 Cvr A Liam Sharp (Dark Nights Death Metal)
  • Justice League #53 Cvr B Ian Macdonald Var (Dark Nights Death Metal)
  • Metal Men #10 Cvr A Shane Davis
  • Metal Men #10 Cvr B Kevin Nowlan Var
  • Robin 80 Years Of The Boy Wonder HC
  • Strange Adventures #1 (Of 12) 2nd Ptg Cvr A Evan Doc Shaner Var
  • Strange Adventures #1 (Of 12) 2nd Ptg Cvr B Mitch Gerads
  • Strange Adventures #3 (Of 12) 2nd Ptg Mitch Gerads Recolored Var
  • Strange Adventures #4 (Of 12) 2nd Ptg Mitch Gerads Recolored Var
  • Teen Titans #45 Cvr A Bernard Chang
  • Teen Titans #45 Cvr B Khary Randolph Var

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