Thursday, December 04, 2014

Dr. No's Top 10 New Comics List from Wednesday, December 3

Dr. No's Comics & Games Superstore's Top 10 Selling New Comics for Wednesday, December 3:

1: Batman Eternal #35 (DC)
2: Thanos vs Hulk #1 (Marvel)
3: Birthright #3 (Image)
4: Earth 2: Worlds End #9 (DC)
5: Gotham Academy #3 (DC)
6: Inhuman #9 (Marvel)
7: New 52 Futures End #31 (DC)
8: Secret Six #1 (DC)
9: Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1 (Marvel)
10: Sinestro #7 (DC)

Seeing Birthright #3 so close to the top of the list really warms the heart. If you haven't read the series yet, it's about a boy who was kidnapped to a world of fantasy only to return to his real family fully grown and a proven warrior. Of course, it gets weird from there. Elsewhere in the Top 10 is Secret Six #1. This new series by Gail Simone shows a lot of promise, so don't miss out. And, despite not making the list, Wolf Moon #1 was a great start to a horror mini-series from Cullen Bunn. If you're a fan of werewolves, give it a look. Did your favorite book make the list this week? Let us know over at our Facebook page and Twitter.

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