Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Amped For New Comics, Wednesday, December 15

Spider-Man goes through costumes like the Hulk goes through purple pants, and his newest one premiers this week in Amazing Spider-Man #650. There is a new Hobgoblin in town, and he's brought an amped-up arsenal to the table. This is going to take an new amped-up Spidey, and he has the suit just for the occasion. But the fun does not stop there. MACH 5 from Thunderbolts is up against one of the web-heads deadliest foes, and the Black Cat is on her own secret side mission while this all goes on. Oh yea, there's also an 8-page back up story filling us in on what the new goblin was doing before his return.

In the aftermath of Shadowland, Hell's Kitchen has been left without its long-time protector Daredevil, but a new hero has accepted the challenge. Best-selling author David Liss and artist Francesco Francavilla bring us Black Panther, Man Without Fear #513 with T'Challa stepping in as defender of the city. Without his kingdom, vibranium, and a high-tech safety net, Black Panther will need to rely on his instincts and bloody knuckles as he makes his new life and identity in a city being overrun with bad guys. A new hero means a new nemesis, and Vlad the Impaler aims to be just that as he plans his brutal rise to power.

John Ostrande and Jan Duursema's Star Wars: Legacy is set nearly 125 years after Return of the Jedi starring Cade Skywalker, decedent of everyone' favorite Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Having recently wrapped up a 50-issue run (now available in ten great trades), the series returns with Star Wars: Legacy War #1. Presumed dead, Darth Krayt has returned stronger and even more evil than before. His goal: destroy the galaxy. It is going to take Cade and everyone else willing to help stand against Krayt, but all of the Jedi, Galactic Alliance, and the emperor's Imperials may not even be enough.

Building up to the 200th issue of What If?, this week brings us What If? Spider-Man. In this years Grim Hunt story-line, Spider-Man let his long time (and undead) enemy Kraven The Hunter live. But What If?  our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man crossed the line from hero to killer? This fatal decision will change the life of Peter and everyone he loves. This issue also contains the third installment of What If? The Venom Symbiote Possessed Deadpool. And also on the shelves right now: What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor and What If? Wolverine: Father.

These books, and many more, will be available as soon as we open the doors on Wednesday, so come on by! (And if you want to get an idea what else you can expect, check out the covers below!)

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