Monday, December 20, 2010

Fun reads for Wednesday, December 22!

Arriving just in time for Christmas, the DC universe's own Grinch, Larfleeze, is getting his very own book! The Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special, written by Geoff Johns with art by Brett Booth, follows Larfleeze on his quest to get exactly want he wants for Christmas (besides everything!): Santa Claus. Nothing, not even the DCU's greatest super heroes, can stop him from getting what he wants. There will be even more shenanigans this holiday season as the rest of the Orange Lantern Corps gets up to no good.

Felicia Day is back this week to bring the first of five The Guild one-shots spotlighting the Knights of Good. Jeff Lewis, Vork himself, is sharing writing duties on The Guild: Vork with art by Darick Robertson. Vork has devoted his gaming life to the pursuit of all things good to the point that he is nicknamed 'Goody-Two Greaves' in the game world. However, there is more to Vork than the rest of the guild actually knows. This laugh out loud one-shot gives us a look at the man behind the rule book. Also, the first volume of Day's previous The Guild series is currently available in trade paperback.

Shadowland is over, and Daredevil's abscence fas left a hole in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. In Shadowland: After The Fall by Antony Johnston, find out if the people of Hell's Kitchen can get back to their lives and rebuild their broken city without their fearless champion to guide them. This book sets the future for Marvel's street heroes. Don't forget to check out last week's Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513 to see why T'Challa has decided to take the 'Kitchen' under his wing while Matt Murdock is missing.

The hit comic Axe Cop is collected in its first trade paperback this week. Follow the insane adventures of Axe Cop, his axe, and all of his crazy partners as he attempts to build the world's greatest team of heroes ever. Also, did I mention that five year-old Malachai Nicolle is the creator and writer of this amazing book? His brother, Ethan Nicolle, takes on the artistic duties that bring the comic to life. If you like to laugh, do yourself a favor and check out Axe Cop TP Vol. 1.

These books, and many more, will be available as soon as we open the doors on Wednesday, so come on by! (And if you want to get an idea what else you can expect, check out the covers below!)

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