Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Great Stuff Awaits on June 3rd!

June kicks off with the third issue of Brightest Day, the best-selling series that continues where Blackest Night left off. Find out how the resurrection of Hawkman, Aquaman, Deadman, and other characters impacts the DCU--and how they come to terms with their own return to life--in this fascinating biweekly series cowritten by Geoff Johns & Peter Tomasi.

Another week, another great Avengers title--this week, it's Brian Bendis & Alan Davis's Avengers: Prime #1, the kickoff of a five-part arc that reconciles the split between Iron Man, Thor, and Steve Rogers.

Bat-fans will want to take a look at Joker's Asylum #1: The Riddler, the first book of a five-part weekly event that offers the Joker's take on some of Batman's most memorable rogues.

Learn about the missing period in Jason Todd's life in Red Hood: Lost Days #1, the first issue of a six-parter.

And Batman Beyond fans take note: Terry McGinniss makes a DCU appearance in Superman/Batman Annual #4, which paves the way for the Batman Beyond series beginning later this month!

June is twice as mice: Mice Templar: Destiny #9 and Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #1 both arrive this week!

As we noted above, new book day this week is June 3rd, not June 2nd (Memorial Day has delayed releases by 24 hours)--but we'll have everything ready for sale when we open the doors on Thursday!

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