Monday, June 14, 2010

The Amazing Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man!

Spidey fans, this is your week: not only is Amazing Spider-Man Presents Black Cat #1 coming in, but so are two issues of Amazing Spider-Man--both #633 and #634 are arriving on the same day!

The Avengers franchise revamp continues with the first issue of the relaunched New Avengers. Who's in? Who's out? Find out here!

Brightest Day has been one of DC's biggest post-Blackest Night series--and once you give it a try, you'll see why! The fourth issue is coming in this week--and we've restocked #s 0-3 to make sure you can get up to speed if you're late to the party!

Learn about some of Batman's best known villains courtesy of the Joker, in Joker's Asylum. This week brings a double helping of villainy as both Harley Quinn and The Mad Hatter get their moment in the spotlight.

Lots of other goodies coming in on June 16th--and we'll have 'em all available for sale as soon as the doors open that Wednesday morning, so come on by!

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