Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Release Comics - Wednesday, March 18

If you were thinking you could really go for an all star creative time on a book about time travel, you're in luck! Heck, even if you weren't you'll want to check this out. This Wednesday, Image Comics brings you Chrononauts #1 by Mark Millar and Sean Murphy. In this new series, two best friends, Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly, embark on a wild time traveling adventure that's being televised for the world to see. Now, the two must decide whether they will use this technology for the good of everyone or just themselves. Mankind's first romp through the time stream is sure to go according to plan, right? (Probably not!)

Check out the rest of this week's highlights and a full list of releases after the break.

In Marvel's Princess Leia #2 by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson, the princess and a X-Wing pilot formerly from Alderaan have embarked on a unsanctioned mission to bring together the remaining survivors of their lost planet from all across the galaxy. Action and adventure await Princess Leia as she comes to terms with everything she lost when her home world was destroyed by the Empire. Then, in Silk #2, Cindy Moon is still trying to establish her place in New York apart from being related through spider bite to everyone's favorite web-head. In this issue, Silk will crosses paths with a villain sporting metal arms. Can you guess who it is?

And if sports are your thing (or even if they are not), DC and Vertigo have a title just for you: Strange Sports Stories #1! This classic take on the original DC Comics title features some of the industries top talents along with some new names. Taking place over four issues, this new miniseries will feature sports stories designed to thrill, chill, and just make you go, "huh?" Creators include Brian Azzarello, CM Punk, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, Lauren Beukes, Mark Finn, Tim Fish, and many, many more! Stories in this issue include "Fourth Down and Death," "Dodge A Ball...Or Die!," and other great tales.

Below is a complete list of everything coming out Wednesday, March 18:

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