Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Everything's Still On Ice...

Due to weather conditions, we are not able to open the store this morning; we will evaluate road conditions later today to determine if we might be able to open at all this afternoon. We are hopeful that conditions will improve enough for our comics delivery to get through sometime on Wednesday, and we are optimistic that we will be able to open on Wednesday for new comics sales.

As of right now, Diamond has not been able to get any comic book shipments into metro Atlanta; both FedEx and UPS are still holding books in Memphis and will not dispatch them to this area until road conditions improve enough that they can resume normal operations at their freight hubs. We are monitoring the status of both operations and will pick up our comics as soon as they make it into the metro area, but there's no word on whether FedEx and/or UPS will begin moving shipments later today, sometime on Wednesday, or perhaps even later.

Keep checking with us here for the latest info! We appreciate your understanding and patience during this weather situation, and we all look forward to resuming our normal schedule as soon as possible!

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