Monday, January 10, 2011

Chilling Out

The unprecedented snow and ice of Sunday night and Monday morning continues to make its presence known, and at this time (11:30pm Monday night), it's hard to say what tomorrow might bring. Currently, forecasts call for the roads to be as bad tomorrow as they were today; as a result, it's possible that Dr. No's will open late and close early tomorrow--and there's still a chance that the store will remain closed for a second day if there's not enough road clearing to make it safe for staff to get to the store.

Diamond has also informed us that the books will be delayed--just how much we can't say, but this is beyond anyone's control since neither FedEx Freight or UPS moved any shipments into the metro Atlanta area today.  Until the FedEx Freight center can open and handle incoming shipments (they were closed today), Diamond can't get comics into Georgia for any of the metro Atlanta stores to process--and that includes your friendly neighborhood comics retailers at Dr. No's! We're touching base with Diamond and with FedEx several times during the day to get the latest word, and as soon as we can get our books, we will, of course.

We'll continue to post here and on Facebook as we know what's going on, so stay in touch with us for the latest information--and thanks for your patience in this meteorologically challenging time!

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