Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Watching the Zombies

Didja know that there are two Marvel Zombies books on the stands this week? Sure, there's Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, Robert Kirkman & Sean Phillips' look at the origins of the zombies--but you might not have known that Black Panther #27 also features the Zombies on the final page... and it's the first part of a multi-part Zombies story arc! Apparently, this one took a lot of readers by surprise and the book is selling out all over the country--but we still have copies for those of you who want to keep your Zombies collection complete!

(And I guess, truth be told, there are three Marvel Zombies books, since Marvel has also issued a fourth printing of the Marvel Zombies HC, complete with a new Arthur Suydam cover that zombifies the classic Kirby cover for Avengers #1.)

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