Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The War Returns!

Great news--we have acquired a limited number of sets of DC's four-part World War III story event that was released four weeks ago to coincide with 52 Week 50. This four-part series, priced at $10 for four full-length comics, greatly expands on the story of the week-long World War III and the battle between Black Adam and the heroes of the DC Universe. Due to a printing problem, a large number of DC's copies were misprinted; as a result, the book immediately went out of print, leaving readers scrambling for copies.

Well, we have 'em! These are the last sets of all four that we know we will be getting, so grab 'em while you can! DC has no plans to reprint the sold-out issues, and it'll be many, many moons before the stories are collected in any other form!

(And don't forget that we also are keeping all 52 issues of the weekly 52 series in stock--so it's not too late to catch up! While DC is eventually collecting the lead stories in trade paperback, the fascinating back-up stories will not be included in the trade editions, so you'll be getting material in the comics that you can't get elsewhere.)

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