Thursday, May 10, 2007

FCBD Cross-Section

A customer made an interesting observation yesterday: On Free Comic Book Day, Dr. No's welcomed an artist (Mark Bagley), a writer (Brian Reed), an editor (Joe Pruett), and a publisher (The Dabel Brothers--although Joe Pruett belongs in this group as well, since he's taking his Desperado Publishing out on its own this summer). "It was interesting to get to talk to each of them, since each person has a different approach to comics and a different view on things influenced by what they do." I hadn't considered that until he mentioned it, but it's a good point; each of our guests was able to offer interesting insights based on his experiences in the field, and it was a great way for newcomers and veteran comics readers alike to learn just what goes into creating a comic.

Hope you got a chance to talk to them all--every guest was gracious and eager to meet with fans, and visitor after visitor commented on how informative and engaging they were!

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