Monday, May 14, 2007

Strongly Favoring Weekly Comics

Five reason why weekly comics like the recently completed 52 and the just-launched Countdown are great things for those of us who enjoy reading comics:

(1) No delays. It's guaranteed! These books will appear every week, no matter what!

(2) These are real graphic novels, just in serialized forms. We're talking about works that total more than a thousand pages when you put the entire year-long run together; that gives the creative teams almost unprecedented opportunity for complex plot structure, character development, and story construction. And the serialized form is always popular with comics fans; it's like a weekly televisions series, only with no reruns and no summer break!

(3) The stories, because of their scope, become centerpieces for the company's line. Countdown, in particular, will be vitally important to the development of the newly-reintroduced DC multiverse, and all of the company's major players will appear in here during the series' year-long run.

(4) The ensemble-cast structure allows popular characters and less-well-known characters to play equally important roles, enabling the lesser-known characters to grow into prominence. Just look at what 52 did for Booster Gold and Animal Man!

(5) The groundwork for other projects can be found in these books. Look at how many changes are rolling out of 52; you can be sure just as many are going to spring from Countdown. New series, new characters, big changes--they're a part of the fun!

Right now, DC is the only company doing weekly comics--but you can be sure that Marvel is already looking at the weekly concept and finding a way to make it work for them!

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Doug said...

I'm liking the new blog-based format. Keep up the good work and posts.