Monday, July 27, 2020

Meet Mark Bagley is this Saturday, Aug 1st, at Dr. No's Comics and Games!

Be sure to MARK your calendars for August 1st, SATURDAY, so you too can meet THE Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley!

Amazing Spider-Man #45 - Mark Bagley Variant

Mark Bagley is appearing at Dr. No's Comics & Games on August 1st to celebrate the release of Amazing Spider-Man #45! Not only is Mark signing Amazing Spider-Man #45, but he will also sign up to TWO additional items at no charge. We ask that customers have all items ready to be signed; it will be your responsibility to unbag books prior to presenting them for signing.

While Mark will not be doing any sketches at the signing, he has  prepared FIFTY original Spider-Man head sketches that will be given away to customers as a part of the signing. We will do a random drawing to ensure that all customers have an equal chance regardless of their time slot. If you are one of the fifty winners, you will be able to take your original sketch with you on that day, and Mark will also personalize it if you wish. Customers must be present to claim their sketch; if you cannot be here at that time, we will re-draw and award the sketch to another attendee. 

Due to the current concerns about large gatherings and in the interest of keeping everyone as safe as possible, Dr. No’s is assigning designated times for everyone to arrive to greet Mark Bagley and get their Amazing Spider-Man #45 signed.
Dr. No's is asking everyone to wear a mask when meeting Mark Bagley.

Participants will only be able to enter the line when their time slot is called. Please do not arrive too early for your signing; we cannot allow people to come into the store before the designated time.

Presale customers will take priority, so we urge that you pre-purchase a copy of the book as soon as possible. If we have any extra copies, non-prepay customers can buy Amazing Spider-Man #45 on Saturday, but will have to wait until after the customers with assigned time slots have finished their signings. 

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