Friday, June 22, 2018

New Games at Dr. No's the week of June 22, 2018

@Dr No's Now!

Gloomhaven is BACK!

     In the Village-Building Legacy Game, The prosperous Kingdom of Greengully, ruled for centuries by the Forever King, has issued a decree to its citizens to colonize the vast lands beyond its borders. In an effort to start a new village, the Forever King has selected 6 citizens for the task, each of whom has a unique set of skills they use to build their charter.

Roll Player

Mighty heroes don’t just appear out of thin air -- you must create them! Race, class, alignment, skills, traits, and equipment are all elements of the perfect hero, who is ready to take on all opposition in the quest for glory and riches.

In Roll Player, you will compete to create the greatest fantasy adventurer who has ever lived, preparing your character to embark on an epic quest. Roll and draft dice to build up your character’s attributes. Purchase weapons and armor to outfit your hero. Train to gain skills and discover your hero’s traits to prepare them for their journey. Earn Reputation Stars by constructing the perfect character.

The player with the greatest Reputation wins the game and will surely triumph over whatever nefarious plot lies ahead!

(descriptions from the publisher)

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Here is a list of newly arrives items from the last few weeks!

  • Action Cats Card Game
  • Dead Man’s Doubloons
  • Gaming Paper All Stars Take On The Mega Dungeon Pack
  • Justice League Ultra Pro 100+ Deck Box
  • Supervillain: The Galaxy Is Mine!
  • Android Netrunner LCG: Kampala Ascendent Data Pack
  • Arkham Horror LCG: The Forgotten Age Expansion
  • Arkham Horror LCG: The Labyrinths Of Lunacy Scenario Pack
  • Attack On Titan - Main Characters
  • Batman - Classic Comic Muscle
  • Broadhorns
  • Charterstone: A Village-Building Legacy Game Demo Copy
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Dark Heaven: Bryn, Half Elf Rogue
  • Dark Souls: The Card Game
  • DC Comics Wonder Woman - Sword
  • Deadpool Vs The World
  • Deadpool Vs World Party Game
  • Decrypto
  • Disobey
  • Doctor Who RPG Deluxe Dice Set 6d6
  • Dragon Shields Japanese:
  • Dragon Shields Japanese:
  • Dragon Shields Japanese:
  • Dragon Shields:
  • Dragon Shields:
  • Dungeons And Dragons RPG: Mordenkainen`S Tome Of Foes
  • Dungeons And Dragons: Dragonfire DBG - Adventures - Sea Of Swords
  • Eminent Domain: Oblivion Expansion
  • Fae
  • Fate Core RPG: Mindjammer - Children Of Orion - The Venu
  • Fate Core RPG: Mindjammer - Companion
  • Fate Core RPG: Mindjammer - The Player`S Guide
  • Force Of Will: L1: Zero Standard Deck Protector Sleeves
  • Frankenstein
  • Halloween
  • Harley Quinn Bomb
  • Herbalism
  • I Would Fight The Dragon
  • Imperial Settlers: We Didn`T Start Fire Empire Pack Expansion
  • Legend Of The Five Rings: The Sword And The Spirits Hardcover
  • Magic The Gathering CCG: Battlebond Display
  • Magic The Gathering CCG: Dominaria Booster Display
  • Magic The Gathering CCG: Dominaria Bundle
  • Magic The Gathering CCG: Dominaria Planeswaker Deck Display
  • Magic The Gathering CCG: Dominaria Pre-Release Deck
  • Mark Of The Vampire Dracula
  • Marvel Contest Of Champions: Battlerealm
  • Marvel Heroclix: Avengers Infinity Colossal Booster Brick
  • Marvel Heroclix: Avengers Infinity Fast Forces
  • Memoarrr!
  • Monsters Playing Cards
  • Mtg TCG Commander Anthology Ii
  • Munchkin: Cheats
  • Ultra Pro One-Touch Current Size Comic
  • Pathfinder Adv Path War For The Crown Part 4 Of 6
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Ultimate Intrigue Add-On Deck Witch
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Ultimate Magic Add-On Deck
  • Pathfinder Battles: Jungle Of Despair Booster Brick
  • Pathfinder Battles: Jungle Of Despair Hydra Case Incentive
  • Pathfinder RPG: Adventure Path - War For The Crown Part 3 - Twilight Child
  • Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 4
  • Pathfinder RPG: Campaign Setting - Nidal Land Of Shadows
  • Pathfinder RPG: Flip-Mat - Carnival
  • Pathfinder RPG: Flip-Mat Classics - Battlefield
  • Pathfinder RPG: Pawns - Ruins Of Azlant Pawn Collection
  • Pathfinder RPG: Player Companion - Blood Of The Ancients
  • Pathfinder RPG: Ultimate Magic
  • Pioneer Days
  • Pokemon TCG: Shiny Zygarde-Gx Box
  • Premium Custom Tiny Epic Kingdoms Sleeves 88 X 125 Mm
  • Rick & Morty - Cast
  • Rick And Morty - Quotes
  • Rick And Morty - Ship
  • Rick And Morty: The Ricks Must Be Crazy Multiverse Game
  • Roll Player - *NEW*
  • Savage Worlds RPG: Fear Agent - Gm Screen With Adventure
  • Shadowrun RPG: Toxic Alley
  • Space Base
  • Star Wars RPG: Force And Destiny - Unlimited Power Hardcover
  • Star Wars: Legion - Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion
  • Star Wars: Legion - General Veers Commander Expansion
  • Star Wars: Legion - Princess Leia Organa Commander Expansion
  • Star Wars: Legion - Snowtroopers Unit Expansion
  • Starfinder RPG: Adventure Path - Dead Suns Part 5 - The Thirteenth Gate
  • Starfinder RPG: Flip-Mat - Starship - The Sunrise Maiden
  • Starfinder RPG: Pawns - Pact Worlds Pawn Collection
  • Superhot: The Card Game
  • The Grimm Forest
  • The Manhattan Project
  • The Networks
  • Unlock! Tombstone Express
  • Unlock! The Adventures Of Oz
  • Valiant Card Game: Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe
  • Viticulture: Visit From The Rhine Valley Expansion
  • Vs System 2pcg: New Mutants
  • Way Of The Panda
  • Way Of The Panda Demo
  • Wing It: The Game Of Extreme Storytelling
  • You Gotta Be Kitten Me! Deluxe
  • Yu Gi Oh TCG Lair Of Darkness Structure Deck Dis
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Dark Saviors Booster Display
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Flames Of Destruction Booster Display
  • Zombie Tsunami

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