Friday, March 23, 2018

Recent New Games and Restocks at Dr. No's the week of March 23, 2018!

In Store Now!

Star Wars: Legion
"General! Prepare your troops for a surface attack.”
–Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Warfare is an inescapable part of the Star Wars universe, from the blow dealt to the Rebel Alliance in the Battle of Hoth to a few Rebel strike teams taking on a legion of stormtroopers stationed on Endor. Seize your chance to get your boots on the ground and lead your troops to victory with Star Wars™: Legion, a miniatures game of thrilling infantry battles in the Star Wars universe!

Star Wars: Legion invites you to join the unsung battles of the Galactic Civil War as the commander of a unique army filled with troopers, powerful ground or repulsor vehicles, and iconic characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. While innovative mechanics simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the unpainted, easily assembled miniatures give you a canvas to create the Star Wars army you’ve always wanted to lead into battle—whether you fight for the monolithic, oppressive Galactic Empire or the ragtag Rebel Alliance.

Magic The Gathering: Masters 25

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Magic: the Gathering with a journey through the history of the world's first trading card game. In Masters 25, you'll find lands or spells from every Vintage-legal Magic set that introduced original cards. Whether you've been casting Lightning Bolts since Alpha or just started playing with Rivals of Ixalan, this set has something exciting to rediscover during your next draft night.

Firefly Adventures
Firefly: Adventures is a cooperative, mission based, skirmish-level game where the players use the different skills and abilities of Malcolm, Zoë, Jayne, Kaylee and Wash to succeed. The game contains two distinct miniature game pieces for each crew member, one in Casual relaxed pose, the other in a Heroic action pose. Crew may choose to Act Casual or Act Heroic and each pose has a unique set of actions that the Crew can perform on their turn, but be warned – while no one’s gonna pay much mind to someone with a casual demeanor, acting all heroic is sure to attract unwanted attention.
When you and the Crew get to work, a Job Briefing will tell you all you need to know; what your Crew needs to accomplish, how they might succeed and how long they have to get it done. Some Jobs are easier and faster, some are longer and more involved. What type of Job you want to tackle is up to you. You can work a single Job, or a series of Jobs, using the Credits you earn from one Job to equip the Crew for the next Job.
Working a Job is never easy, there’s always some manner of malcontents standing in your way. You and the Crew are sure to run afoul of hired Goons, whether it’s a posse of unruly Cowboys or a gang of Eavesdown Docks Thugs. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to talk your way out of trouble or distract them with some technical know-what. If not, then the situation may require a bit of violence! Brigands & Browncoats includes ten unique detailed Goon game pieces; five Cowboys and five Thugs.

(descriptions from the publisher)

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  • BCW Deck Locker Commander Lx Red - *NEW*
  • Evolution: The Beginning - *NEW*
  • Legion Deck Box Flamingo - *Restock*
  • Legion Sleeves Flamingo - *Restock*
  • Metal Dice Games 16mm Flame Torched Rainbow Set Of 7 - *NEW*
  • Metal Dice Games 16mm Turquiose Set Of 7 - *NEW*
  • Summoner Wars: Picolos Magic - *NEW*
  • Awaken: Core Rulebook - *NEW*
  • Carcassonne: Expansion 4 - The Tower - *NEW*
  • Cowboy Bebop CCG: 2-Player Starter Game - *NEW*
  • Dark Heaven: Nimbar, Elf Necromancer - *Restock*
  • Dark Heaven: Shardis, Elf Rogue - *Restock*
  • Dark Heaven: Talnyth, Elf Barbarian - *Restock*
  • Dragon Ball Super Booster 3 Cross Worlds - *Restock*
  • Dragon Ball Super Special Pack Set 3 Display - *Restock*
  • Dragon Ball Super Starter 2 Display Extreme Evolution - *Restock*
  • Dragon Ball Super Starter 3 Display Dark Invasion - *Restock*
  • Dungeon Alliance - *NEW*
  • Firefly Adventures: Brigands And Browncoats - *Restock*
  • Food Truck Champion - *Restock*
  • Grimslingers: Advanced Duels Third Edition - *Restock*
  • Grimslingers: The Northern Territories - *Restock*
  • Infinity RPG: Player`S Guide - *NEW*
  • Infinity RPG: Quantronic Heat - *NEW*
  • Kung Fu Zoo - *NEW*
  • Legend Of The Five Rings LCG: Battle For The Stronghold Kit - *Restock*
  • Magic The Gathering CCG: Masters 25 - *NEW*
  • Marvel Dice Masters: The Brotherhood Monthly Organized Play Kit - *Restock*
  • My Little Pony: Tails Of Equestria RPG - Official Movie Sourcebook - *NEW*
  • Noxford - *Restock*
  • One Deck Dungeon: Forest Of Shadows - *NEW*
  • Opaque: Poly Jumbo Black - *NEW*
  • Pokemon TCG: Lucario-Gx Box - *Restock*
  • Pokemon TCG: Spring 2018 Necrozma Prism Tins - *NEW*
  • Pro-Matte Eclipse 2.0 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves: Arctic White - *NEW*
  • Pro-Matte Eclipse 2.0 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves: Jet Black - *NEW*
  • Pro-Matte Eclipse 2.0 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves: Lemon Yellow - *NEW*
  • Pro-Matte Eclipse 2.0 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves: Pumpkin Orange - *NEW*
  • Pro-Matte Eclipse 2.0 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves: Royal Purple - *NEW*
  • Pro-Matte Eclipse 2.0 Standard Deck Protector Sleeves: Smoke Grey - *NEW*
  • Red Flags: Core Game - *Restock*
  • Red Scare Redux - *NEW*
  • Small World: Power Pack #1 Expansion - *Restock*
  • Small World: Power Pack #2 Expansion - *Restock*
  • Smash Up: That 70’S Expansion - *NEW*
  • Star Trek Ascendancy: Ferengi Dice - *Restock*
  • Star Trek Ascendancy: Romulan Dice - *Restock*
  • Star Trek Attack Wing: Card Pack Wave 3 Gorn Raider - *NEW*
  • Star Trek Attack Wing: Card Pack Wave 3 Jem`Hadar Attack Ship - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - 74-Z Speeder Bikes Unit Expansion - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - At-Rt Unit Expansion - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - At-St Unit Expansion - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - Core Set - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - Dice Pack - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - Movement Tools And Range Ruler Pack - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - Stormtroopers Unit Expansion - *NEW*
  • Star Wars: Legion - T-47 Airspeeder Unit Expansion - *NEW*
  • Legend Of Korra: Pro Bending Arena - *Restock*
  • Legend Of Korra: Pro Bending Arena- Amon`S Invasion Expansion - *Restock*
  • Time Dice: Nighttime Dice Set - *NEW*
  • Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Case 100 Malachite - *Restock*
  • Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Case 80 Frosted - *NEW*
  • Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Case 80 Rhodonite - *Restock*
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Extreme Force Special Edition Box Display - *NEW*
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Kaiba Card Sleeves Pack - *NEW*
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Legendary Collection Kaiba - *Restock*

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