Saturday, April 08, 2017

Free Comic Book Day 2017 is coming in 4 weeks!!!

We're only 5 weeks away from the biggest comic book event of the year, Free Comic Book Day! We will have a selection of free comics available to readers on that day. In addition we will have an incredible list of guests who will be here from noon until 2pm to chat with fans, sign books, and help us make this the best Free Comic Book Day ever!

Francesco Francavilla - Francesco, a master illustrator and graphic designer, is best known as the artist of Afterlife With Archie, the acclaimed horror/zombie series set in the Archie Universe, and Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse Makers, a crime noir adventure starring Eisner's most famous creation. Of course, you're also seen his art on hundreds of covers, as well as in the pages of Batman: The Black Mirror, Hawkeye, and other comics. He is also both artist and writer of The Black Beetle, the pulp-inspired hero series that will be returning from Dark Horse in the not-too-distant future. Francesco is kicking off a celebration of ten years in the US comics industry--and we're glad to be the first stop in this gala celebration!

Drew Geraci - Drew is one of the finest inkers in comics, as well as a skilled penciller. His has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and more, providing inks and finishes for Birds of Prey, Flash, Green Lantern Corps, WildCATs, 52, SuperPatriot, Route 666, and much more. In addition, Drew is the author of the novels The Demands: Book 1 and The Demands: Book 2, presenting a compelling look inside the music industry.

Joe Pruett - Joe is one of the masterminds behind Aftershock Comics, for which he also writes the acclaimed horror series Black-Eyed KidsJoe broke into the industry working with Bob Burden on Flaming Carrot in 1989. Joe is well known as the writer/co-creator of Dusty Star and Kilroy Is Here. Joe is also the head of Desperado Press, which has published numerous anthologies, comics, and art books, including the Eisner Award-winning The Art of Brian Bolland, The Art of Joe JuskoThe Art of Jeffrey Jonesand The Art of George PĂ©rez. Make sure to stop by on FCBD to get an autograph and speak with Joe about upcoming projects from Aftershock!

Jorge Santiago Jr - Born on the planet El Paso, Texas and has been drawing since childhood. Seeking mastery in the Ways of Comics, Jorge left his home for the planet Georgia, hoping to train at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After achieving mastery in the Comic Arts, Jorge wanders the vastness of space, drawing comics that he hopes will move his readers emotionally. He is best known for his original stories: Curse of the Eel, Requiem Sonata, Rare Drops, and is the artist on the Action Lab series, Spencer and Locke.

More to be Announced... SOOOOON!

The Dr. No's Free Comic Book Day Annual Kids (of All Ages) Costume Contest is on again this year! Come into Dr. No's on Free Comic Book Day dressed as your favorite character from Comics, Games, or Movies and enter our costume contest for fun and prizes! The best entries will be featured on our website.

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