Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to the new design for our Weekly Incoming Comics

The dramatic conclusion to Forever Evil is here this week—and big changes are in store in the aftermath of this epic finale!  What happens to Lex Luthor? What happens to Nightwing? The answers are here!

Peter Parker may be back, but as he discovers in Amazing Spider-Man #2, a lot of stuff happened in his absence... and some of it is pretty hard to correct! Peter's life will continue to be challenging for a while, obviously--but what's bad for Peter is great for Spidey readers, thanks to the Dan Slott's brilliant storytelling!

Mark Millar offers a brilliant take on the theme of super-speed in MPH #1, a new entry in the Millarverse. Think there’s nothing new that can be done with a super-fast character? Think again!

And of course, as always, we're getting in reorders and restocks every day of the week, and no one in the Southeast offers a larger stock of collected editions than Dr. No's. Take some time to peruse our shelves--you'll find many out-of-print goodies waiting for you, as well as a huge assortment of in-print books!

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