Monday, December 05, 2011

Zombies, Turtles, Mutants, and Giant Robots are all here Wednesday, December 7

Do you like Conan? Do you like zombies? Do you like zombie Conan? Heck, even if you just like action and adventure, BOOM! has just the book: Valen the Outcast #1! A just King and a fierce warrior on the battlefield, King Valen Brand was well liked by his people. However, when a necromancer bests him in battle and resurrects him as an undead monster, Valen not only looses his kingdom but also his soul! Rejected by his people, the former king sets out on a quest to restore what he has lost. Having written 28 Days Later and Robert E. Howard's Hawks of Outremer, Michael Alan Nelson is no stranger to zombies or fantasy in the comics field, so the book is sure to please readers of both genres. At only a $1, the first issue of this new ongoing adventure should not be missed!

IDW's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has become a favorite for many readers! The hits keep coming as IDW follows in the original serie's footsteps with the release of the first of four issues in a new micro-series entitled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael. Feeling like an outsider, even among his family, Raphael is having trouble finding his place until he meets another mutant by the name of Alopex. She may have new information regarding the Turtles' origin, but Raphael will have to help her (and himself) survive the night as Alopex is hunted alive! The other three Turtles will be the stars of their very own one-shots to come later.

The effects of Marvel's Fear Itself are still being felt, and the final Worthy continue their rampage! One group will stand against them. They are the Defenders! Written by Matt Fraction and art by Terry Dodson, Defenders #1 brings together The Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Red She-Hulk, Immortal Iron Fist, and Namor to reveal the truth behind a conspiracy that reaches to the very core of the Marvel Universe!

Ever since Schism, mutants have not had the best reputation (and it wasn't very good before that), but the X-Men's Science Team plans to change that... with SCIENCE, of course! In X-Club #1, Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao, and Danger's gesture a goodwill to humanity, a space elevator, is near completion when all heck breaks loose, casting mutants in a bad light once again. Let's hope they can science their way out of this one. Some other X-titles to look out for this week are X-Factor #228, X-Men #22, and X-23 # 18.

In the mid-80s, the Voltron Force started their epic battle against King Zarkon! Now, Dynamite Entertainment presents Voltron #1 by Brandon Thomas and Ariel Padilla, and the Force has never been as close to victory over Zarkon as they are now. However, Zarkon has a secret about Voltron that could change everything. This new series re-defines and re-imagines what everyone knows about Voltron and is great for new and old fans.

These books, and many more, will be available as soon as we open the doors on Wednesday, so come on by! (And if you want to get an idea what else you can expect, check out the covers below!)

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