Thursday, July 16, 2015

Magic: The Gathering Releases Friday July 17 and a release event Saturday at Dr. No's!

     Magic: The Gathering enters a new age on Friday, July 17, with the release of Origins! this set reveals the origin stories for 5 of the most popular Planeswalkers in the Magic universe. We will get to see who Liliana, Chandra, Nissa, Gideon, and Jace were before they became Planeswalkers. Find out who mentored these powerhouses and what ultimately led these little plane-dwellers to go on walkabout through the verse! Each of these planeswalkers are on s special "flip" card that has the legendary creature on one side and the Planeswalker version on the other side. 
     MtG:Origins also marks the final "core set" that will be released for the foreseeable future so be sure to get in and see what the fuss is about. Come in on Saturday, July 18, and take part in a sealed tournament that will get you a Mizzium Meddler promo that is only available on that day!

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