Monday, July 27, 2015

New Release Comics - Wednesday, July 29


Last week we were introduced to Kirk Langstrom's Batman and this week we are introduced to a darker Superman. In JLA Gods and Monsters Superman #1, "Truth, justice and the American way" has a very different meaning to a Superman raised by poor immigrant farmers. He's seen abuse and injustice his whole life - and now he's ready to let the world know what happens when a Man of Steel gets angry. Check out this prequel to the DC Universe movie Justice League: Gods and Monsters! 

     The second series of Hacktivist begins here! It's been six months since Tunis. Nate Graft's life was turned upside-down after his best friend Ed Hiccox died, but he's since pulled things together and is now in charge of VIGIL, the front line of America's ongoing cyber operations. Just when things are starting to gain some semblance of control, YourLife, the government, and Nate come under attack by a new breed of hacker...who call themselves .sve_urs3lf. Using Nate and Ed's former handle, they want to know the truth of what happened in Tunis. Check out Hacktivist Vol 2 #1 on Wednesday!

The Shrinking Man, Richard Matheson's exploration of shrinking manhood, has been adapted into 2 films and is now being brought to vivid life in this 4 issue comic-book adaptation! This legendary tale chronicles the events of an average family man, Scott Carey, who, after being exposed to a mysterious cloud, comes to the frightening realization that he is shrinking slowly day-by-day. His everyday existence as a husband and father is thrown into chaos as he struggles with not just shrinking smaller and smaller but with the possibility that he may disappear all together. All ideas of normal fade as Carey becomes a national spectacle and his family converts into unreachable giants. He is pushed to the very limits of fear and existence with each passing day becoming a struggle just to survive.
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