Monday, May 11, 2015

New Release Comics - May 13, 2015

Sometimes the world of science really does seem like magic. Magnets for example. We all know how they work, but it doesn't make it any less cool or mystical. This week's new Image title Mythic #1 by Phil Hester and John McCrea takes this idea a step further. In the world of Mythic, science is a lie. It is simply a tool to pacify the masses. Magic is what really powers everything. A special team has been chosen to make sure the magic world keeps turning without all the normal people knowing it even exists. This is that team's story. And the best part is, Image is bringing this new book to readers for the low price of $1.99 to kick things off. Give it a shot.

The next chapter of the multiverse story that will define the future of the DCU is here this week in Convergence #6 by Jeff King, Scott Lobdell, and Ed Benes. Telos has finally been stopped, and a band of super heroes have come together to defend their stolen cities. However, it isn't all smooth sailing. Deimos has harnessed the power to tear the multiverse apart. Well, that's not good. Other tie-in books include Convergence Aquaman #2, Convergence Batman, Shadow of the Bat #2, Convergence Catwoman #2, Convergence Green Arrow #2, Convergence Green Lantern Parallax #2, Convergence Justice League International #2, Convergence Suicide Squad #2, Convergence Superboy #2, Convergence Supergirl #2, and Convergence Superman, Man of Steel #2. All of this is leading to a whole new direction for several of DC's books while also bringing back beloved characters from the DC's past.

The Marvel Universe has been destroyed. The Ultimate Marvel Universe has been destroyed. Now, in place of two worlds stands one: Battle World! In Secret Wars #2 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, learn everything thing there is to know about this new world born through destruction for battle. The future of the Marvel Universe and its heroes will be decided by this series, so now is the time to catch up before the series gets deeper in. Of course, a few books are still catching up. One such book is Thor #8 by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. Thor enters her final battle with the Destroyer, and her secret identity is finally revealed. Of course, that won't matter for long with the destruction of the Universe so close.

Here's a complete list of Wednesday, May 13's releases:

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