Monday, April 13, 2015

New Release Comics - Wednesday, April 15

Heroes from across DC's multiverse clash in Convergence #2 by Jeff King, Carlo Pagulayan, and Jason Paz. After the first issue, the surviving heroes of Earth 2 were left defeated and scattered by the living planet Telos (the being who has brought Gotham Cities from across the multiverse together in one spot to fight it out). Now, Dick Grayson and Thomas Wayne make their way to a pre-Flashpoint Gotham were Thomas meets the son he thought was long dead. Meanwhile, Earth 2 Green Lantern tries to connect with The Green, which has some unsuspecting results.

Check out the rest of this week's highlights plus a full list of releases after the break.

But that's not all. You can find even more multiverse-Gotham action in Convergence Aquaman #1, Convergence Batman, Shadow of the Bat #1, Convergence Catwoman #1, Convergence Green Arrow #1, Convergence Green Lantern, Parallax #1, Convergence Justice League International #1, Convergence Suicide Squad #1, Convergence Superboy #1, Convergence Supergirl Matrix #1, and Convergence Superman, Man of Steel #1. All of these books bring readers back characters from Zero Hour that they know and love for, possibly, one more time. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing Green Arrow. What about you?

The teenage witch of Archie fame is back this week, but she's not the family friendly girl you remember. In Sabrina #2 by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, Robert Hack, and Rachel Deering, Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey hasn't been the same lately. He seems a bit soulless. In fact, he seems to be just a husk of his former self. The witch coven won't help, so Sabrina must turn to Madame Satan. I'm sure that will work out great for everyone...

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips return to their classic Hollywood murder mystery with the release of Fade Out #5. Valeria Sommers murderer is still out there and someone knows about it. However, our "good guys" might reveal a little too much about themselves and their deeds if they dig too much. This issue is a great jumping on point for new readers, but you can also get the first volume of the series in trade paperback as well. Don't miss out on this great series.

Here's a complete list of Wednesday, April 15's releases:

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