Monday, February 02, 2015

Dr. No's New Release Comics - Wednesday, February 4

Every day in the Marvel Universe is a walk on the edge, but the world gets more dangerous this week with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Alpha by Sam Humphries and Ed McGuinness. After the events of Legendary Star Lord, Mr. Knife has the Black Vortex in his possession. With it, thousands and thousands of lives hang in the balance. Peter Quill now must dive back into the life he's desperately tried to leave behind. Come along for an amazing ride that has the GotG crossing over with the amazing X-Men! And for more out of this world action, don't miss Star Wars #2 by Jason Aaaron and John Cassady. The heroes are in trouble this issue as Luke is cornered by Darth Vader and the others are have fallen into a trap! The assault on Cymoon 1 continues!

Check out the rest of this week's highlights and a full list of releases after the break.

DC's New York Time's best selling series returns this week with the release of Superman Earth One Vol. 3 by J. Michael Straczynski, Ardian Syaf, and Sandra Hope. Superman has battled creatures with the power to destroy the Earth, but now the biggest threat to his well being is two men. Two normal humans. Lex and Alexandra Luthor. They have been paid to strip Superman of his powers and bring him down to their level. The man of Steel has nowhere to turn and no one to help him. And for even more super action, don't miss Superman #38 by Geoff Johns, John Romita, and Klaus Janson. The creative rings in the new year by introducing the Man of Steel to a new costume, new power, and a whole slew of new friends and enemies. Don't miss the conclusion to Johns and Romita's first epic story line.

Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, and Nathan Fairbairn bring readers the ultimate horror comic: Nameless #1. A man kills his family and himself. A creatures hunts people through their nightmares. An occult hustler is hired for a dangerous mission. The Xibalba asteroid is on a collision coarse with the Earth. All of these things are related but none are what they seem. Don't miss this book.

Below is a complete list of everything coming out Wednesday, February 4:

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