Friday, September 12, 2014

Today in a Dr. No's not so far, far away... Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG Beta Book!

The beta for the third installment of Fantasy Flight's Star Wars roleplaying game, Star Wars: Force and Destiny, has arrived at Dr. No's Comics & Games Superstore! This is your chance to play a Force powered campaign in the Star Wars universe created by Fantasy Flight. Here's what Fantasy Flight has to say:

The Force and Destiny beta is a limited edition, 256-page, softcover rulebook. Its core mechanics have already been tested extensively throughout the development of the Edge of the Empire™ and Age of Rebellion™ Core Rulebooks, as well as initial playtesting. It includes all the information on character creation, Force talents, adversaries, equipment, and vehicles that you need to run a complete campaign, and the beta comes with a complete adventure to get you started. Furthermore, because each Star Wars roleplaying installment is fully cross-compatible, the Force and Destiny beta can also serve as a supplement to your ongoing Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion campaigns, introducing a wealth of new playable species, careers, specializations, talents, Force powers, and opportunities for adventure.

As this is a Beta, you have the chance to play the game earlier than most people and provide valuable feedback to the creators of the RPG to make this the best game it can be. It is important to note that the book does not have all of the art the final edition will have and some of the rules/information are likely to change. Stop on by today to take your Star Wars game to the next level.

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