Friday, September 26, 2014

Magic: The Gathering Khans of Tarkir on sale now! Release celebration tomorrow, September 27 at noon!

The wait is over! Magic: The Gathering's newest set Khans of Tarkir is now on sale at Dr. No's! We have boosters (boxes and single packs), Fat Packs, Intro Decks and Event Decks! If you buy a sealed booster box, you'll receive the exclusive Buy a Box Promo Rattleclaw Mystic! All your bases are covered.
Rattleclaw Mystic Buy a Box Promo
Tomorrow, Saturday, 27, we have our Khans of Tarkir Release Celebration at noon. When you sign up, you'll choose the clan you want to support and receive a special box with Khan's boosters and a clan specific booster pack containing one of several different clan promo cards. From those packs, you'll build your deck and compete against other players. Check out our Prerelease Events from last weekend (here and here) to see all the fun you could have.

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