Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Breaking the Siege

This is the week that Siege comes to an end with the fourth issue and its two startling deaths--and the passing of a hero is commemorated in Siege Epilogue: Fallen Sun (which Marvel solicited under the "placeholder" name of Fallen). Who dies? Who survives? You'll be able to find out beginning on May 12th at 11am, when we open the doors and have new comics ready for purchase!

Siege fans will also want to add New Avengers Finale and Dark Avengers #16 to their "must have" list, since both of those books bring the Siege to a close and pave the way for major changes in light of the new Heroic Age.

Batman begins his circuitous time-spanning trip home in Grant Morrison's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1. So where is he now, and how many eras will he have to pass through on his way back home? Well, it is a six-part series...

Three major DC "Brightest Day" launches this week, too: Birds of Prey #1, reuniting Gail Simone and Ed Benes; Justice League: Generation Lost #1, which brings back the bwah-ha-ha era heroes--but there's much less laughter this time; and Titans Special: Villains for Hire, with a startling death to kick off this twisted new series.

Pulp fans take heed: both First Wave #2 and Doc Savage #2 are here, continuing DC's new pulp-focused superhero-less multiverse.

A double helping of Green Hornet as the near-future dystopian Green Hornet Strikes debuts, along with the first issue of the Kevin Smith's Kato limited series.

What else? Well, there's a ton of stuff--in fact, this is the largest release week of the year thus far! Take a peek below this paragraph for some of the highlights of this week's releases--then come on by and check 'em out in person!

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