Friday, April 03, 2020

Dr. No’s is open everyday!

11am - 8pm Monday - Saturday
12pm - 5 on Sunday
Phone: (770) 422-4642

As per the Governor’s Order, Dr. No’s is taking the following measures for your safety and ours...

• Maintain a Distance of 6ft From Other Customers & Staff. We have marked 6ft distances on the floor around the counter and the recent comics wall.
• Symptomatic? If you are showing any signs of being ill, please refrain from entering the store. We do offer Curbside Service or we can take your order by phone and ship your order by USPS (see below).
• No Casual Browsing - You can look for a particular item for purchase, but we cannot allow customers to “browse, as per the Governor’s Order
• No Cell Phone Conversations. Refrain from any cell phone conversations in-store, as per the Governor’s Order.
• Minimize Time Spent In-Store. We love talking about comics, games, etc., with everybody, but due to the Governor’s Order, we ask you to please minimize your time spent in the store.
• Limit Number of Customers in Store. We may limit the number of customers in the store when needed for safety reasons.
• Credit Cards Preferred. Credit cards reduce physical contact between us and you, this helps reduce the risk to our family and friends. We will accept cash.
• We Offer Curbside Service. Let us know ahead of time and we will have your books rung in, and we can come get your card, process the charge, and bring the card and the books back to you.
• Shipping Available. We can take your order by email or phone and then mail your books to you via priority mail at USPS cost if you’d prefer.

Phone: (770) 422-4642

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