Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New Arrivals for October 11, 2017 at Dr. No's!

Featured Titles This Week

Amazing Spider-Man #789
THE FALL OF PARKER Part 1 - Down on your luck Peter Parker is back, for good or ill. New York has changed, and so has Peter - but entering a new phase of his Spider-Man life isn't easy; neither are new relationships OR new foes. Peter Parker is not the Spider-Man you remember, but why is he taking his fight to THE DAILY BUGLE? And what happened to PARKER INDUSTRIES?

2nd Week of Marvel Legacy Lenticular Covers
The biggest stories and most epic team-ups come to MARVEL LEGACY this fall, and now you can hold the past and the future in your hands! All of the Marvel Legacy homage variants will be available as lenticular covers – a true celebration of Marvel’s history and expansive universe! The first wave are here now! Enhance your collection with all of Marvel Legacy’s lenticular covers, available at Dr. No's. As these will have limited quantities available, be sure to come in soon to secure your copy!

Special Prize Drawing!

Last Weeks Winner Is...
Steve Gormally

Steve gets the Uncut Proof Sheet for She-Hulk...

  • Weekly Drawing...
    • Buy all of the weeks Marvel Lenticular Covers from Dr. No's and be entered into a drawing for an Uncut Lenticular Cover Proof Sheet! (Purchases must be made by End of Day on Sunday for Tuesdays Drawing)
    • Winners will be announced in this space on Tuesday Evening!
  • October Drawing
    • Buy all of the Marvel Lenticular Covers for October from Dr. No's and be entered into a drawing for the Marvel Legacy #1 Quesada Black and White Variant, which was limited to 1 in 500 copies of the book.
Marvel Lenticular Covers from 10/11...
  • All New Wolverine #25
  • Amazing Spider-Man #789
  • Defenders #6
  • Despicable Deadpool #287
  • Falcon #1
  • Gwenpool #21 Nakayama
  • Uncanny Avengers #28
  • X-Men Blue #13

Marvel Lenticular Covers from 10/04...
  • Spirits Of Vengeance #1
  • Iron Fist #73
  • Avengers #672
  • X-Men Gold #13
  • Royals #9
  • Venom #155
  • Jessica Jones #13
  • Iceman #6

"Read More" to see what #1's are coming out as well as everything else coming out this week.

Adventure Time: 2017 Spooktacular #1 - To celebrate Halloween, it's a collection of fresh new shorts starring everyone's favorite malevolent mint, Peppermint Butler! Whether he's resorting to dark magick to launder his bow tie or fighting in the War of the Magicians, Pep Buts is the most tireless butler in Ooo. And in the land of Aaa, Butterscotch Butler is determined to keep Prince Gumball's spooky masquerade safe from Marshall Lee's tricks!

Catalyst Prime: Noble Vol 2 #1 - The new chapter of NOBLE begins as the superpowered fugitive astronaut David Powell rejects the wife he doesn't remember, forcing Astrid Allen-Powell to work with their worst enemy to put her family back together.

Dan Dare #1 - The classic British hero returns for brand-new adventures! For the first time in human history the Sol System is at peace. Poverty and famine have been eradicated and humanity stands on the cusp of utopia. The Mekon -- mankind's deadliest enemy -- has been vanquished and languishes in a maximum security prison deep inside the Moon and Dan Dare, pilot of the future, is bored out of his mind and praying for something to break the monotony of peace.
However, when an unknown alien vessel of biblical proportions arrives in the solar system and obliterates a moon of Saturn in a show of strength, Dare finds himself drawn back into a new adventure that threatens not just Earth but of all life in the entire universe!

Doctor Who Lost Dimension Special #1 - Oversized Excitement From Deep Within The Doctor Who Event! Three All-New Stories Featuring: The Fourth Doctor! Jenny, The Doctor's Daughter! River Song!

Falcon #1 - TAKE FLIGHT Part 1: Sam Wilson - winged warrior, avian Avenger and one-time sentinel of liberty - takes to the skies again, reborn and recommitted as the fighter for freedom, THE FALCON! Engaged in an all-new assignment while training his new partner THE PATRIOT, Sam Wilson soars high and sees all. But Sam's new mission finds him on a collision course with an enemy way out of his weight class-the demonic BLACKHEART!

Family Trade #1 - "THE FAMILY," Part One. Steampunk, alchemy, and adventure meet the ocean. On an island city in a world where history didn't quite turn out like ours, a hidden family of spies, thieves, and assassins makes sure that the world keeps going. Or they did, until Jessa Wynn, their youngest member, manages to start a civil war.

Fighting American #1 - Direct continuation of Simon and Kirby's classic series! Fighting American returns! When the 1950s heroes find themselves trapped in the modern world, how will they handle what society has become, and what dangers will they face?  With modern-day villains to contend with, enemies from their past pursuing them, and a whole new world to come to terms with, what daring adventures could Fighting American and Speed-Boy find themselves in now?

God Complex #1 - In the futuristic city of Delphi, a young digital-forensics investigator named Seneca finds himself embroiled in the bizarre murders of three church acolytes. Guided by his cryptic mentor, the Ruler named Hermes, Seneca uncovers a stunning conspiracy and a mystery that will turn his entire world upside down. A unique vision of a digital future powered by mythological gods.

Gotham City Garage #1 - A new series inspired by the DC Collectibles statue line! It's been decades since Governor Lex Luthor turned Gotham City into a modern utopia, saving his people from the devastation that made the rest of the continent a wasteland. But his city isn't paradise for everyone. If the Lexes network misfires, and a citizen wakes up and steps out of line, the Bat and his minions are brutal in restoring the status quo. So when young Kara Gordon, whose ridealong tech has never functioned optimally, rushes headlong into the Freescape, she's shocked to find Gotham City Garage-where new friends might become family, if she lives long enough.

Graveland #1 - The San Andreas Fault finally has "the Big One," but not from natural occurrences. From the depths of the fault something emerges. Something of myth and legend that was mentioned in hushed tone by every ancient culture - giants, huge creatures from another time, awakened from the slumber and seeking to resume their conquest that has been delayed for a millennium. To mount a counteroffensive, the US government creates super-humans with an experimental serum. These four individuals may be the last chance for humanity as they are all the stands between civilization and the Giants!

Ragman #1- After a failed mission to raid a tomb in the Israeli Desert, war veteran Rory Harper is plagued by the death of his partners. As Rory battles his guilt back in Gotham City, he discovers that what was in that tomb has followed him home, and it's about to change his life. But as Rory begins his journey, an evil is invading Gotham City, and it wants what he's discovered. A hero is born in this visionary reimagining of the Ragman mythos!

Wildstorm: Michael Cray #1 - Warren Ellis' critically acclaimed relaunch of THE WILD STORM gets its first solo spinoff series! Michael Cray, professional assassin, has been betrayed by International Operations and has an alien life-form in his head that's either killing him, transforming him, or both. The only thing that can bring sense to his life is for him to do what he does best: kill the wrong people for the right reasons. But Michael needs support and resources to hit back against I.O., and he gets them in exchange for working with Trelane, taking out her targets, his way. First up? A sociopathic Silicon Valley billionaire by the name of Oliver Queen!

Wormwood Goes to Washington #1 - Wormwood has been gone for some time. Too long, if you ask his old friends. They're determined to track him down, no matter what dimension he's buggered off to. You see, a special agent from the U.S. government has asked for Wormwood's help, and things are about to get political...

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