Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Arrivals for July 26, 2017 at Dr. No's!

Featured Titles This Week

San Diego Comic Con Special Edition Variants and Toys

SDCC 2017 Batman Beyond Batman Bust
SDCC 2017 Dark Tower Monster Vinimate
SDCC 2017 Forbidden Planet Robby With Gun Vinimate
SDCC 2017 Ghostbusters Bd Staypuft Vinimate
SDCC 2017 Ghostbusters Gid Slimer Vinimate
SDCC 2017 Iron Giant Variant Vinimate
SDCC 2017 JLA Animated Series Flash Variant Resin Bust
SDCC 2017 Marvel Gallery Deadpool Variant Pvc Fig
SDCC 2017 Marvel Gallery Superior Iron Man Pvc Fig
SDCC 2017 All New Guardians Of Galaxy #5 B&W Var
SDCC 2017 Bettie Page #1 Linsner
SDCC 2017 Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe Again #1 Minimates
SDCC 2017 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #17 Var
SDCC 2017 Moonstruck #1
SDCC 2017 Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1 Minimates V
SDCC 2017 Pop Power Rangers Megazord 6in Vinyl Fig
SDCC 2017 Secret Empire #5
SDCC 2017 Star Wars #33 B&W Var

"Read More" to see what #1's are coming out as well as everything else coming out this week.

All New Classic Archie: Your Pal Archie #1 - Classic-style Archie makes his return in this all-new, all-ages comic from Ty Templeton and Dan Parent! Issue #1 features one of five connecting variant covers by Les McClaine. Collect them all to create one giant image of Pop's Chock'lit Shop!

Bloodstrike Remastered #1 - 1993's original BLOODSTRIKE #1. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Image Comics with a bloody delightful remastered edition of 1993's BLOODSTRIKE #1, illustrated by DAN FRAGA and DANNY MIKI over layouts from ROB LIEFELD, dramatically recolored by color wizard THOMAS MASON (X-Men)!

BPRD: Devil You Know #1 - Before they were vanquished by the BPRD, Lovecraftian monsters created a Hell on Earth. Now Liz Sherman leads a crew through monster-infested ruins on the most important rescue mission of her life. As society tries to rebuild, strange cults vie for influence, and a demon emerges to lead the way . . .

Faith and the Future Force #1 - Faith in a centuries-spanning fight for existence alongside the greatest heroes of the Valiant Universe...past, present, and future! Faith "Zephyr" Herbert - former member of Unity, current Harbinger Renegade, and Los Angeles' #1 superhero - is the universe's last, best chance at survival! Centuries from today, a devious artificial intelligence has unleashed a blistering attack on the very foundations of time ...one that is unwriting history from beginning to end! Now, with her options exhausted, Neela Sethi, Timewalker - the self-appointed protector of what is and will be - has returned to the 21st century to recruit Earth's greatest champions of today and tomorrow to oppose this existential threat...and she needs Faith to lead them! But why Faith? And why now?

Go Go Power Rangers #1 - The untold, personal story of what happens to Jason, Kim, Trini, Zack, and Billy following in the days after they first became Power Rangers. Fighting evil is hard, but surviving high school may be even harder-welcome to real life in Angel Grove.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Telltale Series #1 - An all-new prequel to the interactive episodic game Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series! A group of cultists have taken over the planet Titan, turning it into a proverbial hive of scum and villainy, all worshipping its most infamous native son, the cosmic tyrant Thanos!  Luckily for the Guardians of the Galaxy, it's also the target of their newest heist! Hired by a mysterious buyer, our band or ragtag misfits will have to get in and get out without being sliced and diced by a planet full of crazies. Easier said than done! Join Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot on an action-packed, laugh-filled adventure that's not only being created in conjunction with Telltale, but also leads directly to the new smash hit game!

John Carpenter: Tales of the Sci-Fi Vault #1 - The first story of John Carpenter's monthly anthology series Tales of Science Fiction. When the moon-bound crew of Gaia stumbles across an enormous alien vessel, more technologically advanced than their own, priorities change. The mystery deepens when the crew discovers the name of the vessel along the hull written in English: "Vault."

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