Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Arrivals for Wednesday, August 31, 2016!

Afterlife with Archie #10 - "Betty, RIP," Part 5: "Interlude with the Pussycats." Before the end of the world began, a female pop trio was setting charts on fire. But in a world of TMZ and paparazzi-driven media, somehow these women kept their private lives a secret from everyone - until now. A full-access interview promises to show the tragic and terrifying origin story of Josie and the Pussycats.

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All New Wolverine Annual #1 - An All-New Story Featuring Your Favorite Surviving Claw-Popping Characters! All-New Wolverine + Spider-Gwen = All-New Wolvergwen And Spiderine! Gabby The World's Most Dangerous Little Sister! Plus: Jonathan The Wolverine!

Amazing World of Gumball 2016 Grab Bag Special #1 - Based on Cartoon Network's award-winning original series, Gumball and Darwin head back to school! It's a brand-new collection of shorts and illustrations featuring everyone's favorite mischief-makers. What the what?! Is there really a secret treasure hidden in the school's basement?!

DC Comics Bombshells Annual #1 -  The long-buried tale of a heroine of the Great War! An ace pilot turned ancient predator, you may now know her as the Halloween horror, "The Bloody Batgirl"! But here, we will present the secret story of how she became the first Bombshell known as...the Batgirl!  

Earth 2 Society Annual #1 - Earth-2's Batman is Dick Grayson. Does he have what it takes to be a true Batman and follow in the legacy of Bruce and Thomas Wayne before him? Or will he only ever be a stand-in? Beyond anything else, he has one overriding goal...to find his missing son. Is that a job for the Batman...or is it something only Dick Grayson can do? The Wayne legacy is at stake. This is an epic turning point in the history of Earth-2's Batman.

Edens Fall #1 - Top Cow Combines Three Of Its Most Provocative Titles (Think Tank, The Tithe, Postal) In An Unflinching Fable Of Revenge And Consequence. Fbi Agent James Miller (The Tithe) Follows A Sociopath Into The Off-The-Grid Town Of Eden, Wyoming On A Personal Mission Of Vengeance. The Price Of This Vigilante Justice Will Be Paid In Blood, And Both Eden And James Miller Will Never Be The Same.

Gotham Academy Annual #1 - When the Gotham Academy student body comes down with a mysterious disease, Pomeline and Colton disagree on the origin of the threat, causing a fissure in Detective Club! The team fractures to get to the bottom of the case...but who will solve it first? Will Maps be able to reunite her friends? Will they ever eat pizza together again?! Join the search for clues in the first ever Gotham Academy Annual, precursor to Gotham Academy: Second Semester!

The Killer Inside Me #1 - Thompson Went Where Few Have Dared, Giving Us A Pitch-Black Glimpse Into The Mind Of The American Serial Killer Years Before Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, And Brett Easton Ellis's American Psycho, In The Novel That Will Forever Be Known As The Master Performance Of One Of The Greatest Crime Novelists Of All Time. Lou Ford Is The Deputy Sheriff Of A Small Town In Texas. The Worst Thing Most People Can Say Against Him Is That He's A Little Slow And A Little Boring. But, Then, Most People Don't Know About The Sickness-The Sickness That Almost Got Lou Put Away When He Was Younger. The Sickness That Is About To Surface Again.

ReincarNATE #1 - Nate McCoy isn't your ordinary private detective. Sure, he's a bit of a slacker who doesn't follow orders and loves to rattle the status quo's cages, but that's not what really sets him apart. After rattling the wrong cage, Nate took a bullet to his head that, somehow, didn't kill him. Instead, it gave him an unusual ability: He can see and interact with past versions of himself. The people he reincarnated from. With the help of Jameson (a Wild West lawman) and Alan (a Mad Men-era hitman), Nate sets his sights on taking down his city's crime kingpin and find out who he has to "thank" for the bullet that gave him this strange, and helpful, new power.

Suicide Squad: War Crimes #1 - When a retired American politician is taken to Europe and tried for alleged war crimes, the USA must recover him from an allied nation before terrible truths are revealed. Enter the Suicide Squad, who storm the Hague itself to save America from her own dark secrets. The writer who started a revolution, John Ostrander returns to the Suicide Squad for the first time in a decade to tell one of his boldest and bloodiest stories ever.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe - Introducing a new era in TMNT! This series will explore characters and story-lines that are pivotal to the IDW TMNT universe! When a mysterious new mutant targets Baxter Stockman, it will be up to the TMNT to reluctantly save him. Little does everyone know that a larger trap is being laid by a new arch-foe! Plus a back-up story from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz!

Witchfinder: City of the Dead #1 - Sir Edward Grey, occult adviser to the queen, confronts flesh-eating corpses and discovers a temple beneath London. The mystery that compels him the most is what the sinister Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra wants with it-and from him.

World of Tanks #1 - Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hellblazer) joins Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog) to create a tense war story inspired by the massively popular (over 110 million players!) online game World of Tanks. An untested British crew inadvertently commands an unconventional Cromwell tank into France while hunted by a hardened German panzer unit.

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