Tuesday, August 04, 2015

New Release Comics - Wednesday, August 5


In the Mad Max Fury Road #1, Max Rockatansky is left for dead and his V8 Interceptor stolen, he sets out to retrieve it...heading straight into the bowels of the sunken city with nothing but his sawed-off shotgun. But the stakes are much higher than the fate of Max's ride-an innocent girl, Glory, has also been kidnapped by the depraved Buzzards. By the time Max arrives, it may already be too late... Check out Mad Max Fury Road #2!

In Star Trek #48, Sulu gets his turn to lead an away team to observe a planet's pre warp inhabitants. While he is observing a ritual being carried out by the locals, Their gods show up and are not too keen to find a starship in orbit! Check out the beginning of this 2-part story this week!

In Shadow #1,  a ruthless cabal of magicians is searching for the secret to the Last Illusion, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve their goals. But the person who knew the most about the mysterious rite is dead, and he shared his secret with one man -- the Shadow! Now, the Shadow faces some of his strangest foes as he engages in a deadly game where he might be the hunter... or the hunted.
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