Thursday, January 08, 2015

Dr. No's Top 10 Comics for Wednesday, January 8

Dr. No's Comics & Games Superstore's Top 10 Selling New Comics for Wednesday, January 7:

1: Ant-Man #1 (Marvel)
2: Amazing Spider-Man #12 (Marvel)
3: Wolverines #1 (Marvel)
4: Batman Eternal #40 (DC)
5: Birthright #4 (Image)
6: Angel, Asgard's Assassin #2 (Marvel)
7: Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #5 (Marvel)
 8: New 52 Futures End #36 (DC)
9: Detective Comics #38 (DC)
10: Earth 2: World's End #14 (DC)

There's a whole lot of excitement this week for one of Marvel's tiniest characters! Ant-Man #1 grabs the top spot thanks to some clever writing by Nick Spencer and the buzz around the upcoming film that had a trailer release on Tuesday! The bug heroes stick together as Amazing Spider-Man #12 follows closely behind Ant-Man. Marvel also got another new book on the Top 10: Wolverines #1. If you want to follow the fallout of Logan's death, this is the book to read. As always, let us know if your favorite book made the list over at our Facebook page and Twitter.

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