Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Dr. No's Create Your Own DC New 52 Multiverse Contest!

DC and Grant Morrison’s Multiversity event has been in the works for eight years, but the long wait is finally over. On August 20, readers will get their hands on the first issue and start exploring the 52 worlds making up DC’s New 52 Universe. To celebrate, Dr. No’s Comics and Games Superstore is holding a contest for our aspiring comic artists. At SDCC 2014, DC handed out a Map of the Multiverse (and Dr. No's has a copy of that map hanging in our window, as well as the copy that we've posted along with this announcement). On the map, seven of the worlds are yet undefined. And that’s where you come in! What do you think those mystery verses could be? 

When Multiversity #1 releases, there will be a special blank variant cover. Anyone who buys the blank cover and returns it to the store after drawing their own version of one the mystery worlds will be entered into our contest to win the complete set of the remaining books in the Multiversity series (regular covers). Don’t worry, we'll return your creation to you after the judging takes place, so really let your creativity fly; we will be evaluating submissions based on conceptual creativity as well as visual appeal. We will also post all entries on our website and Facebook for everyone else to marvel at. There will be a limited number of entries for the contest based on the number of blank covers we receive, so pre-order your copy of the blank cover now to make sure you’ll have one!

The submission deadline date is September 10th, one week before the second book in the Multiversity event is scheduled for release. So start brainstorming now, and let everyone see the sort of world you'd add to the DC Multiverse!

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