Thursday, September 12, 2013

Magic the Gathering: Theros Prerelease Tomorrow!

Come to Dr. No's for the Theros Prerelease and experience the newest Magic: The Gathering set a week before it goes on sale!
The Theros Prerelease presents players with a special opportunity to open a Prerelease Pack and begin their journey down the Hero's Path. There are five Prerelease Packs to choose from; each color has a Heroic Path: White – Honor, Blue – Wisdom, Black – Ambition, Red – Battle, and Green – Might.
The Theros Prelease will also be players' first opportunity to earn a Hero Card, which they can use to Face the Hydra at Theros Game Day.

When is the Theros Prerelease?

The Theros Prerelease is on September 21 and 22 at noon.

What Happens There?

Sealed Deck— Each player receives one Theros Prerelease Pack to use for building a deck. Players are given 50 minutes to build a deck out of the boosters in their Theros Prerelease Pack. The Tournament will be swiss style for 3 rounds, then we will cut to the top 8 players. Those 8 players will compete in another 3 rounds top determine an overall winner for the day.

What Do I Get?

Each Prerelease Pack contains items designed specifically for the chosen Heroic Path.
  • 5 Theros booster packs
  • 1 seeded booster pack
  • 1 promo card
  • 1 Choose Your Path activity card
  • 1 Spindown™ life counter
  • 1 Hero's Path Welcome Letter
  • 1 Hero Card
For this event, players may use the promo card included with the Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck.

What Else Can I Do?

In addition to the main Prerelease Tournament event, some locations may offer open dueling.
Open Dueling— Open Dueling players each receive:
1 Theros Intro Pack
Open Dueling players use their Intro Pack to play against each other, as well as Prerelease tournament players who are between matches.

Have Questions?

Email or call 770-422-4642

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