Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reading is Fun!

Here at Dr. No's we love comic book readers. We continually strive to maintain the largest and most diverse stock of new comics, collected editions, and out of print books, because we want all of you to be able to buy, read, and enjoy your comics.

Recently, the comics market has seen a number of almost-instant sellouts--first printings of books like Thief of Thieves #1, Saga #1, Batman Beyond #1, Mind the Gap #1, recent issues of Walking Dead--all of these are books that have commanded higher prices in the secondary market. As a result, we are often visited by eBay sellers who hope to buy our entire inventory of these titles at cover price so as to sell them for much more on eBay. Unfortunately, that would mean that our readers, who want a copy of the book to enjoy the story and add to their personal collections, would be unable to get copies of these books.

As a result, we at Dr. No's have for many years implemented a policy on these hot books that customers are limited to one copy at cover price (or, in the case of books with multiple covers, one of each cover version at cover price). This policy is designed to ensure that our selection of books are available to the largest possible number of readers. If a customer stillwants to buy multiples in order to sell the books on eBay, we may price additional copies at a higher price. This is done to make it possible for you, our reader clientele, to find the books that you want without having to buy them at a high price from the person who just bought all of them from us.

The prevalence of eBay (and the existence of websites that regularly report on hot recent releases selling for high prices within days or weeks of release) means that secondary market sellers often show up en masse within days of one another, all searching for the same hot books, and all hoping to buy multiple copies at cover price so that the same copies can be sold for 5, 10, or even 25 times the cover price on eBay. To allow one speculator to buy all those copies wouldn't be fair to our large base of customers who want a copy of these books to read and enjoy--and we appreciate our reader base too much to support the secondary market speculators over the readers.

So remember--we are committed to keep these books available for our reading audience whenever possible. Not only will we work to get you a cover-price copy for your personal enjoyment, but we also (in the case of sold-out books) constantly strive to keep new printings on the shelves to make it easy for you to keep up with your favorite storylines--and try some new books as well!


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