Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big things are happening this Spring! [Updated]

The Marvel Comics' event you have been waiting for begins next week, March 28, with the release of Avengers versus X-Men #0! But that isn't the most exciting thing! The following week, Avengers versus X-Men #1 will be available a day early to our customers! If you come in on Tuesday, April 3 from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm, we will be selling issue one for everyone who can't wait to read this game changing book. Is that not enough? Well, anyone who buys a copy of the book on that Tuesday night will be able to choose one free X-Men or Avengers backstock title from a specially chosen selection for this early release event. We hope you to see you there.

The excitement continues Sunday April 8th with the Yu Gi Oh Dragons Collide sealed events! These special tournaments are extremely limited and Dr. No's is the only store in Georgia asked to host them! The winner of this tournament will get the Dragons Collide game mat only available at this event. Dr. No's will be hosting 6 of these events on Sundays through April and May, so keep checking back to find out when we are hosting the next one.

The fun continues the last weekend in April with pre-release for the newest expansion for Magic: the Gathering, Avacyn Restored!

We are doubling up the pre-releases this time as well! We are hosting the pre-release on Saturday (April 28th) AND Sunday (April 29th)- but that is not all; BOTH tournaments will be opening the Helvault! When players at the special Helvault Events get achievements, they'll each physically break a seal on their store's own Helvault. Once all the seals have been broken, the store will open their Helvault and all the players will share the spoils within!

The Weekend of May 5th is host to two big events;

First is on Saturday May 5th, FREE COMICS BOOK DAY! Mark Bagley and Tom Feister, along with other guests, will be signing comics from Noon until 2pm... and did we mention FREE COMIC BOOKS? Well we will have those too. Quantities are limited so get here when we open at 11:00 am to get the best selection.

Second is on Sunday, May 6th. Dr. No's will be hosting the Avacyn Restored release tournament. This is the 3rd sealed event for the HUGE new expansion for Magic: the Gathering. The event is always popular and has a unique promo that is only available at this event for the 1st 20 people that sign up!

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