Monday, November 08, 2010

Great reads for Wednesday, November 10th

The classic T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents (published in the 1960s by the great Tower Comics, and now a part of the DCU) returns  this week with a new first issue and a new batch of recruits. A group of people are given a choice: remain normal or accept super powers and save the world . . . but there's just one catch. The powers will kill them. Writer Nick Spencer of Morning Glories fame and artist CAFU bring you this new edition of a wonderful classic. Watch as the Agents make some of the toughest choices and defend the DCU from threats other heroes didn't even know existed!

The end of the beginning is finally here as Grant Morrison's sixth and final issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne hits shelves this week. Batman is at the final leg of his journey through time, but there may still be some twists left for our returning Dark Knight. Don't miss this issue as it sets the future of the Batman universe.

This week, the battle that was so big it couldn't fit in a standard size issue is finally reprinted in two wonderful hardcovers. Superman vs Muhammad Ali brought together two of the biggest icons of the time to defend the Earth against the Srcubb alien race, but before they team up, Superman, temporarily without powers, must step in the ring with Muhammad Ali to see who is the true guardian of Earth. The Deluxe HC edition collects the original story in a more traditional size format with a new cover by fan favorite Neal Adams, while the Facsimile Edition HC presents the classic story in it original size of approximately 10' high and 13.25' wide.

A lot has changed in Hulk's world with all of the other Hulks now running around. And She-Hulk isn't the only one in town either. In She-Hulks #1, the original She-Hulk Jen Walters teams up with Lyra, the Sensational She-Hulk, to stop the remaining members of The Intelligencia. After their failed attempt to take over the world, the She-Hulks are going to make them pay with a little help from guest star The Incredible Hulk.

Fans of fantasy and the popular Dungeons & Dragons should keep their eye out for the new comic out this week from IDW. Follow the hero Adric Fell as he leads a band of heroes in a world where civilization has been reduced to a few scattered points of light amid a rising tide of shadows. A variant edition of Dungeons & Dragons #1 is also available with a playable module unique to this issue!

These books, and many more, will be available as soon as we open the doors on Wednesday, so come on by! (And if you want to get an idea what else you can expect, check out the covers below!)

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