Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Epic World of Warcraft Icecrown Collection arrives at Dr. No's!

New goodies like class icon dividers for the storage box, foil heroes, lore guide with visual set spoiler, exclusive set deckbox and playmat/mouse pad (both starring the Scourge and Argent Crusade leaders.) Plus, a guaranteed Loot card! Loot that ensures something for both you and your World of Warcraft MMO character! To break it down:

  • Collectible Icecrown long box for card storage with class icon dividers
  • Guaranteed Loot card
  • Six booster packs of Icecrown
  • Exclusive 14” x 24” playmat/mouse pad featuring the Lich King and Tirion Fordring
  • Exclusive Deckbox with the Lich King and Tirion Fordring
  • Icecrown lore guide and visual set spoiler
  • Five random foil heroes from Icecrown

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