Monday, June 07, 2010

The Big Seven Oh Oh

Past, present, and future--it's all here in this week's Batman #700, which features on story focusing on Bruce Wayne, one on Dick Grayson, and one on Damian Wayne--and they're all written by the incomparable Grant Morrison!

The Avengers franchise revamp continues with the debut of Avengers Academy, the Avengers "training ground" title. Find out who comprises the next generation of Avengers, and who comprises this generation of instructors!

Justice League: Generation Lost has proven to be a major Brightest Day title, and one of DC's best-selling new books. If you haven't tried it yet, it's not too late--we have restocked on the first and second issues as well in preparation for the third issue's arrival!

Spawn collectors take note--we're receiving the limited upscale format Spawn Origins Deluxe Edition HC, reprinting a monster-sized helping of early issues of McFarlane's saga. Grab it while you can, because this one won't be in print for long!

Lots of other goodies coming in on June 9th--and we'll have 'em all available for sale as soon as the doors open that Wednesday morning, so come on by!

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