Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blackest Night Tie-Ins Make for a Bright Week

Yep, there are two Blackest Night books this week--Blackest Night: Batman #3 (and what a great ending to this miniseries!) and Green Lantern Corps #41, both must-reads for those who want the full Blackest Night picture. Marvel gives us Web of Spider-Man #1 (spotlighting Spidey's supporting cast, along with new tales of the near-future Spider-Girl) and X-Men Vs. Agents of Atlas #1 (a great way to find out why so many are raving about Agents of Atlas).

The hottest upscale items of the week are Absolute Death, reprinting every Neil Gaiman Death-related piece, and the Batman Family Multi-Part Statue #1, featuring Catwoman and Robin, along with 1 segment of the Batman statue. Get all three Batman Family Statue Sets, and you have a complete Batman as well!

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