Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mark Bagley Signing - June 7th!

The first issue of Mark Bagley's premiere DC series Trinity is here--and Mark Bagley will be here at Dr. No's on Saturday, June 7th, from noon until 2pm. Come by, get Mark to sign the book, and converse with one of the most enthusiastic, energetic artists working in comics today! And of course, this is also a good chance to get Mark to sign an issue or two of his record-breaking run on Ultimate Spider-Man. We always keep the entire run of Ultimate Spidey trade paperbacks and hardcovers in stock, along with Mark's Carnage story arc from Amazing Spider-Man and many other books featuring his art.

But of course, it's his work on this new series starring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman that's going to have everyone talking--and once you take a look at it, you'll understand why! This is the DC title for readers who haven't been following the whole DC line, so give it a try!

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